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Wedding Films India

If wedding photographs are important, so are wedding films or wedding videos as they let you relive those beautiful moments even after years of your wedding. These are the wedding videos that you can hold onto and cherish forever in your life. We provide various options for creating your wedding film. For that, we like to get to know our couples beforehand  so that their wedding film reflects their personality and style. Generally, film length is of 8-12 minutes and teaser length is 2-5 minutes.

Cinematic Wedding Film/ Artistic Wedding Film

Cinematography is an art as it combines creativity with storytelling; and wedding cinematographers (not to confuse them with wedding videographers) are just like the directors of films who work on the magical storyline of two people, combine it with stunning frames and dulcet music to preserve your once-in-a-lifetime event. The cinematic film can also include interviews and speeches by friends and family.

This needs a professional filmmaker who can capture those precious moments of your big day in a way you would love to remember and share them with others. This entire video is then professionally edited in a movie fashion to give you the outcome that keeps you gasping for more. These films are totally original and there are no artificially created scenes and thus doesn’t require acting.

Every wedding has a story and a good cinematographer will not just find it but will also bring it out to the world in the most creative and artistic way. If you are interested in sharing your story with others, there is no better option than this.

Bollywood Style Wedding Films

These are the wedding videos that are created in the form of Bollywood movies. There will be love, romance, tears of sadness and happiness. There will be singing and there will be dancing also. These are not just for you but also for the generations to come who are going to enjoy one day how their great-grandparents’ wedding was a dreamy and filmy one. This way of wedding filmmaking requires an endless passion and obsession for movies, imaginative mindset, expert shooting techniques and unique style of direction and production to spellbind your audience.

Indian weddings provide a perfect atmosphere for a great Bollywood movie because of all bright colors, emotions, romance, traditions, rituals and endless celebration. These wedding videos are very entertaining and amusing to watch later.

Documentary Style Wedding Film

This type of wedding film requires an expert documentary maker who won’t let any of those wild, romantic, funny, or emotional moments to escape from his camera. The excitement of bride and groom to see each other on their wedding day, funny moments of Mehendi day, the happiness of the parents, sadness when the father gives away his daughter, those hugs with your bestie, those tears and innumerable such meaningful moments will be captured in this form of wedding video making. It’s a form of visual storytelling which can make your wedding day experience great.

We try to keep our storytelling have meaning and like to capture those moments you feel most in love with. This wedding video follows the emotion-centric approach and will remind you all the emotions you felt that day whenever you watch it.

Absolute Fairytales – Weddings by Neeraj Agnihotri, has been mentioned in many publications both print and online. From ‘one of the Best Candid Wedding Photographers’ to ‘King of Candid’, we have been given many titles but we take more pride in our beautiful pictures and the heartwarming words shared by our clients.

As per our team, being a part of the happiest day of a family is the best thing about wedding photography. And when we make them relive that day by delivering wedding pictures, as beautiful as the couple in it, makes it even more worthwhile.

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