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Engagement Photography

And she said “Yes”, what’s next?

Indian marriages generally start with the pre wedding rituals in the form of Engagement Ceremony, Ring Ceremony, Sagai or Mangni. Even though it’s known by so many different names, it serves the same purpose of bringing together the would-be bride and groom. This is a function wherein the couple exchanges the rings to show their love and dedication for each other to the world. Traditions that form a part of ring ceremony have a long history that stretches back over many centuries.

Engagement photography is one of the most thrilling events to capture as per the team of Absolute Fairytales wedding photography because this is a time that brings together the two families of the couple for the first time. Thus, it marks a lot of unexhibited emotions and capturing them in your photographs is really beautiful. And not to forget a lot of colourful rituals that mark the beginning of a new life.

Engagement traditions have changed a lot over the time. Even the most traditional engagement rituals are relaxed now and offer plenty of room for the bride and groom to show their love for each other in different ways. From cultural games of searching for a ring in a pot of milk to the wedding dance performance by the couple or the cake cutting, these ceremonies are now more of a blend of traditions not just from the past but also from the different cultures, thus making sure that we are keeping pace with the changing time. And this is what makes the photography of this occasion absolutely irresistible to our team.  

We do offer some special packages also that comprise of jewellery close up shoots, especially the macro pictures of the engagement rings. We know this is going to be the most important piece of your jewellery for the rest of your life and it should thus deserve special place in your engagement photographs.

Engagement Photoshoot Delhi
Engagement Photography Delhi
Engagement Photographer Delhi
Engagement Photographer Delhi

Why Should You Book The Same Photographer For Both Engagement and Wedding?

  1. To Know Your Photographer

    An engagement shoot generally helps in developing the bond between the couple and their photographer. After this shoot, you are no longer strangers with him and thus become more yourself, more relaxed and more carefree in his presence. Furthermore, it will help in developing the level of trust and comfort that should be there between a photographer and his couples.

  2. To Know His Photography Style

    Many time it’s not easy to differentiate between various types of prevalent wedding photography styles from pictures. Being a part of one of his shoots before the big day will help you in learning more about how he works, his style and getting used to it. It will also show you what types of images are you going to get from him.

  3. To Let Your Photographer Know You

    It’s an equally important thing like you knowing your photographer. It helps him in understanding your love story, the chemistry and bonding between you two, which he is able to use later in his images. He is also able to direct you to some natural and flattering couple poses that will go with your personality.

  4. To Learn To Face Camera

    Not all of us have experience in being in front of the lens of a professional photographer. Sometimes, even the thought of that makes us nervous. A shoot before the wedding day will help you in losing all that nervousness, and not getting stiff and conscious in front of the camera. The old style of standing still and saying cheese doesn’t work in wedding pictures as these are more natural than posed ones; and engagement day shoot gives you enough practice for that. It will help you in learning how to enjoy yourself as if the camera is not watching.

  5. To Feel Relaxed

    In the starting, there is always some uncertainty about whether you have booked the right wedding photographer or not. A good photographer, with his engagement photography, will help in you feeling relaxed that your wedding photography is in good and safe hands. When you are de-stressed, the pictures get even more natural and beautiful.

  6. To Get The Wedding Pictures You Desire

    An engagement shoot will also help your professional photographer learn a lot about what kind of pictures you like and he will make sure to follow the same style even in your wedding. This will increase the chances of you getting the type of wedding pictures you expected.

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Engagement photography Delhi
Engagement Shoot Delhi
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Engagement Photography Delhi
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Engagement Photography Delhi
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