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These Women Are not Professional Models, these are the beautiful brides of india.

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Bridal Portrait Photography

No wedding photography feels complete without some jaw dropping bridal portraits. A bride is the centre of attraction of every wedding, why shouldn’t she be for any wedding photography!

Wedding is the day when a bride looks no less than a beautiful princess, and we at Absolute Fairytales ensure that a bride’s magical beauty is preserved in our photographs.These bridal portraits are not those cheesy ones where the bride is standing still and looking all nervous and awkward (who wouldn’t be in those shoots!). On the other hand, she looks confident, ravishing and ready to win the world in our bridal portrait shoot. 

We generally do the bride photography when she is all ready and about to head for her wedding rituals. Beautiful brides of India are beaming with excitement to start a new chapter of life and we consider it as the best time to capture some stunning pictures.

Neeraj Agnihotri, who is an internationally published fashion and fine arts photographer, knows how to take those beautiful bridal portraits using his expertise in fashion photography.  The bridal portrait shoot done by him is a compilation of fashion, glamour and styling. He firmly believes that every bride is beautiful and his belief is reflected in all of his bridal pictures.

"I wanted my wedding photographs to be flawless and natural, and Neeraj did that for me. Not only he understood my specific requirements, but also used his photography skills to suit my needs."
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