Wedding Photography & Wedding Films Productions in Delhi, India.

We have been mentioned in many publications both print and online. From ‘One of the Best Candid Wedding Photographers’ to ‘King of Candid‘, we have been given many titles but we take more pride in our beautiful pictures and the heartwarming words shared by our clients.

A wedding is once in a lifetime thing; as a result, everything about it needs to be special. We at absolute fairytales have been making weddings fairy tales since 2011. Our wedding work is a mixture of Fashion Photography, Fine art photography and Wedding Journalism. Leading to a very stylish photo-telling.

As per our team, being a part of the happiest day of a family is the best thing about wedding photography and cinematography. And when we make them relive that day by delivering wedding pictures, as beautiful as the couple in it, makes it even more worthwhile.

We are admired for our sensually elegant and enchantingly sophisticated bridal photography and fine arts wedding photography. 

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